Timely Christmas Present For Your Bodybuilding Friends

Christmas and New Years, as I’m sure you know is pretty big for the rest of the world. BUT, for us here in the “bodybuilding world”, this time of new beginning is HUGE! Why? Because, unlike other people out there, we actually stick to our new years resolutions. No, I’m kidding. But in all seriousness, the new year is a great time to make new goals, break old records, and lay down some awesome 1-rep maxes.

In the spirit of New Years and Christmas, I’ve put together the “ideal” set of presents and tips for the season. Now, this may be a little biased as the reason for this posting may or may not be a less-than-subtle hint to my significant other, but ignore that and keep in mind that these are things that all of your significant others want (at least as long as they hit the gym regularly :).

EVS Brace sleeves are my favorites and the ones I’ve got are wearing out. So, this one definitely makes my list. If I don’t get it for Christmas, I’ll be placing my own order shortly after :). Amazon


You know you gotta look good when you lift. Don’t lie. You don’t do all that lifting for nothin. You gotta look good for your lady. Or for “the ladies” as your situation may call for :). Amazon


So, I couldn’t find the exact shirt I’m getting for the photo over there, but these guys at www.mypersonalisedhoodies.co.uk do some of the sickest custom shirt designs I’ve ever seen. If I don’t get a few in my stocking for Christmas, I just may drop some serious coin on dressing myself for the the new year of random gym hoodies :).


Scar Away works wonders. I don’t know about you, but for some reason I tend to cut my hands up when I lift. When its not blisters & callouses, its something else. Maybe all the creatine flowing through my system :) Anyways, this stuff kicks trash! Amazon


OK, New Years resolution uncovered. You got me. I’m going to try out a Paleo diet come January (Here’s what it is if you’re curious: http://thepaleodiet.com/). I’m not so worried about losing weight, but my buddy who tried it says it’s improve his one-rep max by a bunch, so why not? Amazon


You always need one of these, don’t lie. The one I’ve got is so gummy and gross after my protein shakes every day, that even the dishwasher doesn’t feel like it cleans it. But I have to have it. Amazon


Helps with the blisters mentioned above. I’m not particularly connected to this brand but its dang cheap on Amazon, so why not, right? Amazon


And last but not least, lift straps for my heavy lift days :) Amazon

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