Is Creatine Safe?:
The Dangers of Creatine vs. Benefits

is creatine safe

Creatine is a natural occurring substance in the body that has been getting a lot of notoriety lately. Creatine supplements are used by athletes for better performance and increased muscle mass. In this regard, a lot of people mistake creatine supplements with anabolic steroids. The truth of the matter is they are completely different from one another. Well, for one, creatine is legal and therefore safe. It does not have any dangerous side effects like some anecdotal statements in the internet claims. People hear the word bloating when they ask about creatine and automatically assume that it will make them look fat. Although it is true that creatine will make you look big, it is because it promotes water retention in the muscles. So the size you will see is not going to be in your gut but in the muscles themselves. Creatine pulls water to the muscles thereby improving performance and endurance which can be a problem for people who are taking diuretics like those suffering from hypertension. But if you have a relatively healthy body, creatine will not be a problem rather a great tool to increase your mass and strength. Some of the biggest claims against creatine supplements are that it is harmful for the liver. This however does not have much scientific fact behind it because many human tests specifically aimed to check the effect that creatine supplements have in the liver showed no specific associations.

The most common usage of creatine is by going through a loading phase then go on a maintenance phase after a week of loading. Long term use of creatine supplements have shown 5% to 15% increase in strength and twice the lean muscle gain compared to placebo. This is great proof that creatine supplements are not just a fitness fad that will fade away soon. Personally, I used creatine for months when I was on my bulking phase preparing for a competition then I stopped using it a couple of months before the stage since I am shredding. Creatine increase my lean muscle mass incredibly that a lot of people thought I was taking anabolic steroids and I had to undergo some tests to prove that I wasn’t. As funny as the experience is, it showed me just how well creatine supplements can work when used in proper dosage. Just make sure that you keep yourself hydrated because forgetting this small detail can cause some untoward side effects like muscle cramps and nausea. I know because I experienced it so I made sure that I was not just drinking a lot but eating food that has a lot of water in them like sweet potatoes, melons and apples. Other than that, creatine supplements really are a great tool to increase your size, strength and endurance. It is one of those products that sound a little too good to be true until you try it for yourself. As a final note, creatine supplementation is definitely safe as long as you follow proper dosage and do not go overboard.

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