Does Creatine Work?:
The Real Question & The Answer

does creatine work

Admittedly, creatine has attracted an large number of those aspiring to be body builders, mainly because of the fact that it stimulates muscle growth and equally provides extra strength during vigorous training. But the very popular question that is asked is “does creatine really work?”

It will interest you to know that creatine supplementation is supported by numerous researches done. However there are also those that contrast.

So, how exactly will you know that creatine is working for you?

As a professional trainer and a gym owner, I have seen many people use creatine. Others get the benefits and others don’t. Why?

Before I give my position on creatine as a supplement, the general rule of supplementation is that; no matter the outcome of researches carried out, without a healthy lifestyle which basically includes proper dieting, regular exercises and enough rest, you will never get the benefits.

Now back to my opinion about creatine. Right now I have 3 body building armatures that have in the past (about 2-3 years) used creatine at least twice. One time, they strictly followed the exact loading program and in the other period, they used it regardless of the workout schedule and sometimes even forgot to use it.

In all those occasions, creatine worked for them. They added weight and strength in the short period (few months) and no significant side effects were reported. In some instances, we have had thoughts from different people that creatine cause dehydration and sometimes cramps. Personally, I have never heard any of my clients complain of such.

When your muscles get saturated with creatine, they hold water and grow bigger faster. Without going into the finer details which might turn out be boring since this is not a biology lecture, there is a lot of “good” things that bigger muscles can do; which is giving room for their growth –muscles- hence a definite body shape.

Referring to what I had mention earlier (response of creatine is extremely variable) how will you know that you are one of the “highly variable”? One of the many ways is if you gain about 12 pounds without changing your diet. When the three clients used creatine, in the first month they recorded an average increment in their weight of about 10 pounds. To me, this was “good weight”

However, if you are not highly variable, you will not be able to realize the same kind of weight gain; which unfortunately happens to some people.

Since late 2009, I have keenly been following on the progress of my clients who have opted to uses creatine as supplement. For you to achieve and actually feel the benefits of using creatine, you need to properly tune your training schedule. This again boils down to proper dieting and educating yourself on the relevant ways of consuming the supplements. If you have any problems, feel free to consult a physician or any other professional who will detail down for you the appropriate guidelines to be used.

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