Creatine for Women: Written By A Woman

creatine for women

Recently, many women have begun to embrace the use of creatine; including aspiring body builders and women athletes even down to ever-day people like you and I. The main reason behind this, is the fact that even creatine for women enhances workouts and overall physique in women just as well as in men. In this article we are mainly going to focus on how creatine affects female body builders and athletes, but touch on the rest of us normal people as well.

Creatine For Women in My Gym

As a gym owner, I have had many instances where women ask whether creatine will have the same effects as steroids and whether they cause man-like characteristics. The answer is NO. Creatine is not an anabolic steroid; in fact it is naturally produced in our bodies but in smaller quantities. Supplementation only fastens the effects of creatine in our bodies. Creatine doesn’t work any different for women than for men.

Some manufactures have indicated that the use of creatine in women has caused stomach upset, cramps in some cases nausea. Personally, I have not heard of such side effects from my female body builders; I am also not ruling out the fact that they can actually happen. In fact, these are really the same expected side effects as for men.

Over time, researchers have proven that there is a higher level of creatine in women compared to men, so if the natural creatine level is high, there are increased chances that you will not be able to get immediate effects related to using creatine supplements. Too much of anything is very dangerous and that is why on every package of creatine manufactures have indicated that before using creatine it is wise to visit professionals and get the exact dosage so as to avoid side effects.

Should women use creatine in burning fat?

Definitely yes! Creatine’s effects are very well researched and evident in those who have successfully used it. Creatine is effective! Most of the people who have used it before love it. With men, the increase in strength and clear definition of lean muscles is what makes creatine their number one. But are the effects the same when it comes to women?

I know you are wondering if creatine reacts differently in different sexes; but you need to remember what creatine really does –replenishes energy-. Basically, during anaerobic exercises it restores energy in the muscles. This is how women benefit. At cellular level, creatine doesn’t behave differently with women compared to men (restoring energy levels). Additional benefits of creatine that may interest you include;

  • Increase in the size of lean muscles (check out on the subject)
  • Strength increases hence ability to work out for longer periods
  • More calories and fat is burnt down- this very beneficial for those who want to lose weight (picked this up from
  • Extra ordinary stamina during extreme workouts
  • Muscles recover very quickly; this will allow you to quickly embark on your routine without resting for long hours.

So, creatine for women: good or bad? Currently, I am training 4 women who are using creatine and I can testify on their behalf that the use of creatine amongst women is very safe and effective. (If you are pregnant or faced by other health complication, visit a physician for proper guidelines.)

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