What Is The Best Creatine Supplement?

best creatine supplement

In most cases when you are looking to use supplements to reach your goals, the first option that comes in mind is creatine. You don’t want just any creatine, you want to buy the best creatine supplement. In my case, I care the most about what will get me results, not at all what “the hype” is.

In today’s market, you have a variety of forms of creatine at your disposal. I confess that it might be very difficult to come to a conclusion if you don’t know exactly how they work. Although, admittedly, I don’t know everything, I will present my professional (and personal) opinion to you on the subject.

Buying The Best Creatine Out There

Before committing to buying any form of supplement, it is important to know that the more it is backed up with science and evidence, i.e. from researchers that can prove the manufacturers claims, the more its chances of giving you best results. This therefore puts creatine monohydrate in the fore front. To date, it is the most studied and scientifically proven type of creatine. Those who have once used it can testify that is indeed the best of all.

To get a good picture of why it is referred to as the best creatine, you need to know what it really does; which is simply to supply the muscles with energy. Kindly note that creatine monohydrate breaks down slowly compared to other supplements hence becoming very effective by producing high levels of muscular energy.

Apart from it being the most effective in the market, it is equally the most used. Why? This is basically because when compared to other supplements, it contains high level of creatine per weight of material.

How can you administer creatine monohydrate?

There are two ways to go about taking creatine: maintenance and loading. Although most people don’t like using “loading”, it is the most effective way and highly recommended by professionals especially for those who have never used creatine supplement before. (Loading involves taking of high doses of creatine until saturation point is reached by the muscles. Crearine monohydrate can either be taken with water or any carbohydrate drink i.e. glucose.

Do you want to use creatine monohydrate using the loading method and wonder how the dosage looks like? For the first 4 – 7 days, you are required to take 20-30g daily. After that period (loading) 5 – 15g a day would do. Check here for more specific dosing instructions.

Not only does creatine monohydrate increase the rate at which the muscles heal but also reduces the wasting of muscles. It is also scientifically proven to assist patients with heart conditions by increasing their ability to exercise for longer periods.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the band wagon and get that body you have always wanted. With creatine monohydrate (even the best creatine supplement), it will only take you few weeks. I guarantee you that the value of your money will not go to waste.  It will finally all be worth it.

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