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19 Dec 2014

Timely Christmas Present For Your Bodybuilding Friends

Christmas and New Years, as I’m sure you know is pretty big for the rest of the world. BUT, for us here in the “bodybuilding world”, this time of new beginning is HUGE! Why? Because, unlike other
19 Jun 2014

Creatine Side Effects & How To Avoid Them

Creatine is used by many athletes to improve performance and muscle growth. It has shown to carry a lot of benefits when used properly and is not banned by any respectable regulating body in fitness or competitive
2 Jun 2014

Is Creatine Safe?:
The Dangers of Creatine vs. Benefits

Creatine is a natural occurring substance in the body that has been getting a lot of notoriety lately. Creatine supplements are used by athletes for better performance and increased muscle mass. In this regard, a lot of
17 May 2014

Protein Vs. Creatine Supplements:
What’s The Difference?

Supplementation is an important part of working out and a lot of people use supplements to increase muscle mass and / or strength. There are a lot of kinds of supplements out there and the more well-known
12 May 2014

What is Creatine?:
The Difference Between Creatine And Steroids

Some people talk about creatine as if it is a form of anabolic steroids. Sure, creatine increases your muscle’s energy and helps you get through a couple more reps in the set but it is far from