If there is one thing that I’m sick of, it’s reading about all these different supplements that are supposed to be the end all, be all of losing weight and gaining muscle. Creatine is no different. As I’m sure you’ve experienced as well, a quick google search reveals mostly pages along the lines of “Don’t buy such-and-such product until you read this review!” or “Hidden truths of the Universe Revealed!” For the most part these are all a load of BS written to get us to buy whatever they’re selling.

My goal with this website is to provide some real value. I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t know everything about creatine, but I plan to make this site the world’s first all-encompassing resource on creatine. That means I’ll be pulling together academic studies, research, reviews, and every other form of information on creatine available to mankind.

Along those lines, if you find something I’ve missed or would like me to include (or if I make a mistake in something I report), then please, please, please let me know. As I’ve said, I’m not perfect, but the only way to improve is to be corrected.

I plan to back up everything I put on this site with hard evidence, whether it be my own personal experience, the experiences of others, or research, I’ll be sure to back it all with data. You’ll know why my opinions are the way they are.

Hope you enjoy the site, and as I said multiple times, please feel free to get in touch about anything.

Thanks all!